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Do you want complete control over your supports and services?
If so,
WORKS FOR ME might be just the right program for you!

J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center has created the WORKS FOR ME program in a response to the self-direction movement within the national developmental disability community. People with developmental disabilities and their families have been clear about their desire to manage their own supports in a manner that “works for them”. Access to the “traditional” service delivery system is often the “first-stop” for people in need of supports and services. As more services are acquired to aid in an individual’s quest for a quality life, day-to-day decisions are often taken out of the individual/family’s hands and placed under the control of programs, administrators, and the bureaucratic process.

The WORKS FOR ME payroll agent model allows people to take control of all support resources already at their disposal. Functions such as plan development, funds allocation, hiring people you choose, contracting, scheduling and supervision are all at your command.

The mission of works for me is to empower people with developmental disabilities to lead meaningful and personally satisfying lives of their own choosing by enabling them to fully control their own supports.

WORKS FOR ME is a “subsidiary account” of J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center. While WORKS FOR ME has its own mission statement and policies and procedures, WORKS FOR ME'S role and function is commensurate with the agency’s license and mission. The current organizational chain of command including the Board of Directors and President/CEO remain as principles in the administration of the entity.

WORKS FOR ME is currently operated by a full-time Administrator and a part-time Assistant with the day-to-day oversight responsibilities upon the President/CEO. J Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center Chief Financial Officer ultimately oversees the financial functions of WORKS FOR ME along with entire agency.

All “clients” of WORKS FOR ME are legally considered sole proprietors, each having their own individual Employment Identification Numbers (EIN) provided to them by the Internal Revenue Service via the SS 4 application process. The individuals that work for these sole proprietors (Sole Proprietor) are employees of those Sole Proprietors, and it is expressly understood that WORKS FOR ME role is that of a payroll agent or fiscal intermediary, and that these employees are not employees of J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center. Each Sole Proprietor is unique in its own individual operation relative to all aspects of the job, including but not limited to; responsibilities, pay, benefits, hours worked, etc.

To learn more about this very exciting and empowering program, contact Pam Goes at 739-2700 ext. 260.

Download Forms Below:

Employee Form Check List
Employee Packet
Employment Application WFM
Works For Me Timesheet

Works For Me Direct Deposit Form

I-9 Form
W-4 Form

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