Employment Benefits

The J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center promotes quality services which address the individualized needs of individuals with disabilities and their families. We know that our programs and our employees support leadership philosophies of change, progress, and inclusion. You have selected the Trudeau Center as a potential employer and this pamphlet describes the competitive benefits that can help support you now and in the future by offering you:

  • Benefits features that are tailored to fit you and your family.
  • Benefits like savings plans, health plans, and paid time off programs.
  • The Opportunity to review our benefits package so that you can select the plans most suitable to your need.

Thank you for exploring career opportunities with an organization that is as much committed to your success as well as the success of all we service. Should you continue or begin your career at the Trudeau Center, we hope that it's a meaningful career move for you and that you continue to educate yourself on how our benefits plans can work for you.


Trudeau Center
3445 Post Road
Warwick, RI 02886