Our Mission

Our mission is to promote an enhanced quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Our Vision

We envision a diverse community where all people are valued, safe, and treated with dignity, respect, and equality. In this community, all people have access to resources to enable them to lead productive lives; have opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve; and have opportunities for self-expression. In this community, there is mutual responsibility between the community and the individual; all contribute to the common good and each individual's potential is realized.

Our Values

We seek to serve the community with compassion and respect, offering efficient, effective, and affordable services. We welcome and actively seek out preferences and information from our participants concerning their needs. To achieve the Agency's vision, we believe that we must be accessible and responsive to the diverse people we serve.

We strive to be faithful to the vision and mission of the agency and to demonstrate a consistency between our beliefs and our actions. Differences and diversity within the organization are valued and encouraged. We are inclusive and empowering, striving to give everyone the opportunity to be heard and to contribute. We are responsible for our own behavior and are accountable for the decisions we make.

We believe that the success of the agency is dependent upon the working relationships among individuals. We value the work of others and strive to be aware of how our work impacts one another. We provide an environment where we support each other with personal and professional concerns.

We are committed to excellence, professionalism, and continuous improvement, and we strive to be a high quality organization. We believe the best service is achieved by operating in teams in a participatory and consultative fashion. We encourage creativity, innovation, and risk-taking. We are aware of and plan for our changing environment.

We encourage open, direct communication with integrity, both inside and outside the organization. We are committed to creating a safe environment to facilitate constructive feedback at every level of the organization. We will resolve conflicts in a constructive and timely manner. Decision-making and problem-solving involve those persons who are most knowledgeable of the persons who are most affected by the decisions.

We seek full community participation for all people. We invite all citizens to join together to build communities that include everyone! Learn how YOU can make a difference to improve the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities.