Hello and welcome to the J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center.

When I started working for Trudeau in 2015 as Chief Operating Officer, it was a surreal experience. Having already worked for many years with children and adults with disabilities, the Trudeau organization was always regarded as a special place. A place with a revered history, which was known for its quality programs, and an agency that truly lived its mission—“To promote an enhanced quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities.” It was certainly an organization that I was aware of and had visited a number of times but now I am here, helping to further its legacy.

It is an honor to be the President and Chief Executive Officer, and I could not be prouder of the Trudeau organization, its numerous accomplishments and the profound impact that it has on people’s lives. The foundation, of course, is its many employees and volunteers, families and the many children and adults we support each and every day. Since 1964, the Trudeau organization has worked tirelessly to meet the needs of the disability community, just as J. Arthur Trudeau had envisioned when he founded this organization more than 50 years ago.

Today, the Trudeau Center is strong, vibrant and an innovator in the field. Our organization remains one of the area’s preeminent providers of services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities not only in Rhode Island, but also in some neighboring cities and towns in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Although our history is rich, our future is bright and our commitment to people with disabilities has never been stronger—just as Arthur Trudeau would have wanted it. I remain in awe of this organization…and there is more yet to come!

Please take some time to browse through our website to learn more about the Trudeau Center and all that it has to offer and I assure you that you will leave impressed.



Dr. Al Vario
President and CEO