Trudeau Adult Day Services offers a variety of options to support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and provides them with opportunities to contribute to their communities, learn new skills, and make new friends.

Our Day Services options include:

Community-Based Services

This program offers a variety of services to individuals who are currently or planning to live on their own, including:

  • Assistance with daily living skills
  • Assistance getting to and from medical appointments
  • Organizational skills and comprehension of finances
  • Job search
  • Skills building for the workplace

Most of these services are provided at the individuals’ residence or in the community. Customized services are also provided based on their Individual Service Plan.

Center-Based Services

The primary focus of this program is to assist individuals in establishing goals for future employment that will help them succeed in the workplace. Individuals are trained on safety skills, self advocacy, self-determination and social skills. All services take place on-site at Trudeau. This is a transitional program that helps prepare them for the Employment Concepts Program.

Transition Services

This program assists students who are nearing completion of high school. Approximately three to six months prior to graduation, a Trudeau transition team meets with the student and family members to review the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and provide an overview of Adult Services that will become available to them. In addition to better understanding the individual needs of the student, we conduct a vocational exploration to help assist with future employment opportunities. In advance of their graduation students attend a Trudeau Adult Day Program to work more closely with staff members on the development of their future plans and required services.

Senior Services

This program was created to better assist an older population dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Trudeau helps introduce these adults and their families to local senior centers and the many services they offer. A number of these senior centers have programs specifically geared to individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s. In addition to the benefits of socializing with peers in a supervised setting, individuals can participate in a variety of fun activities such as yoga, relaxation techniques, stretching, arts and crafts, and bingo.



Adult Recreation and Social Activities

The Adult Recreation and Social Activities program offers individuals the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of year-round specialized activities aimed at providing full community participation and safe physical fitness opportunities based on the individual’s health goals and abilities. Participants develop friendships, increase community involvement and most importantly have fun!

Programs include:

Recreation Activities

Once registered, you will receive calendars on a monthly basis which are filled with a wide variety of community and in-house activities such as Dave & Busters, Providence Bruins, therapeutic horseback riding, dances, bowling, movies and much more.

Trudeau Tiger Sports

Our qualified coaches support teams in Special Olympic’s Unified and Traditional soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, softball, powerlifting, bowling, golfing, track and field, cycling and more.

Adult Recreation and Social Activities is located in the Larkin Recreational Building, behind Trudeau’s main office building at 3445 Post Road, Warwick, RI 02886.

For further information regarding Adult Recreation Services and/or Special Olympic Sports please email Jessica Keenan, Coordinator of Recreation and Social Activities, or contact her by phone or at (401) 739 2700 ext 272.

Important Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Trudeau Center offer adult recreation and social activities all year?

Yes. Specialized activities for adults are aimed at providing full community participation and safe physical fitness opportunities. Adult recreation and social activities are offered year round.

What types of activities are offered through the adult recreation program?

We offer a wide variety of community and in-house activities such as, Dave & Busters, Providence Bruins, Therapeutic horseback riding, dances, bowling, movies and much more.