Happy Administrative Assistant Day, Noel Brown!

Happy Administrative Assistant Day, Noel Brown!

Happy Administrative Assistant Day to Trudeau’s Noel Brown. Noel has been with Trudeau for 20 years, where she shuffles many responsibilities with professionalism, enthusiasm, and a genuine smile.

Noel’s favorite, of her many tasks, is “greeting people as they come in.” If you’ve ever visited our main office on Post Road in Warwick, chances are that she helped point you in the right direction.

Noel Brown at the Trudeau Center

Noel personifies Trudeau’s mission to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. She grew up close to her first cousin, a Shared Living Environment provider. Giving back was instilled in Noel’s spirit at a young age.

Noel lives with her daughter Ashley in Warwick, RI. Ashley is often spotted at the Trudeau Center and it’s simple to see where she inherited her friendly nature and smile.

Noel has a wonderful friendship with her best friend Barbara. They’ve been friends for forty years! Originally from Rhode Island, Barbara now lives in South Carolina, but that distance doesn’t keep these two pals apart for long. Noel and Barbara typically talk on the phone twice per day. When asked about her favorite vacation, Noel shared, “The best vacations always include a drive to visit Barbara in South Carolina.”

It’s this kind of loyalty and devotion that makes Noel such a warm person and a fabulous administrative assistant

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