J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center recently received a CPR training package from a generous donation made by the East Greenwich Veteran Fireman’s Club of Rhode Island. The package contains infant and adult CPR mannequins and is an important and life-saving addition to our employee training instruction. 

The Trudeau Center and the East Greenwich Veteran Fireman’s Club boast a long and wonderful history. For over 20 years, the Club has hosted Trudeau’s adults with developmental disabilities for annual Halloween, holiday and summer parties. “Parties at the Club,” as many Trudeau folks have come to define them, are a tradition that Trudeau and the Club look forward to every year. Due to the pandemic, these celebrations have not occurred, so the East Greenwich Veteran Fireman’s Club made a generous donation to the Trudeau Center instead.

East Greenwich Fireman’s Club Volunteers

“The Club counts the Trudeau Center holidays as a highlight of our year. We have missed seeing these amazing people and thought a donation may help, until we can all get together again,” said Jim Troiano, President of the East Greenwich Veteran Fireman’s Club.

While the Trudeau Center did own one CPR training package, this new package will be located at Pathways Strategic Teaching Center, our educational and treatment program servicing children with autism and related disorders. “The Club’s unwavering support over the years has allowed the Trudeau Center to make a positive difference in the lives of so many people with disabilities. We have all enjoyed the events that the Club has hosted, and the kindness and community support the members provide. We thank them for their generosity and look forward to celebrating in-person there soon,” says President and CEO Judith Sullivan.

Parties at “The Club”

 Please consider giving to the Trudeau Center.

Pathways employee Matthew Clifford.

Thanks to Pathways employees George Boisvert, Matthew Clifford, and Joy Pizarro. Matthew is pictured above.