Trudeau Celebrates Danny Comella on Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Trudeau Celebrates Danny Comella on Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October certainly is the sweetest month. We squeeze Halloween, pumpkin picking, and Down Syndrome Awareness Month into 31 days of fall-infused fun and Down syndrome advocacy and awareness. This year, the Trudeau Center salutes Danny Comella on Down Syndrome Awareness Month for his amazing abilities and accomplishments. Trudeau is particularly proud of Danny because he has been an integral part of our children’s programs since he was a toddler at Crayons Early Learning Center. Danny’s teachers and family marvel at his spirit, intelligence, and determination.

Danny’s strength and focus.

Danny hails from Warwick, Rhode Island and attends Pilgrim High School. In his lifetime of vast achievements, one that he is most proud of is earning his black belt distinction at Mastery Martial Arts in East Greenwich, RI.

Testing for his black belt was physically and mentally demanding and Danny handled it with athleticism and focus. He worked hard and his strength shined as he recently passed his black belt test.

A kind and caring young man, Danny adores his family. Danny’s mother Lisa and father Dan gushed about Danny, “He’s an amazing young man who brings so much joy and love to this world.” As a loving younger brother to 19-year-old sister Elayna, Danny beams with pride when he shares that Elayna is a freshman at Eastern Connecticut State University where she plays basketball for the school.

Always one another’s biggest fans, Danny and Elayna have been cheering each other on their whole lives. And much like Elayna, Danny also plays basketball on many Challengers and Unified basketball teams and is quite a fierce player.

An animal lover, Danny cherishes Lily, the family’s golden retriever. When Danny isn’t playing sports or working on his karate skills, he is attending social events and keeps a very active social life.

“I often describe Danny as someone who brings the party wherever he goes and I say that because he is ALWAYS up for an adventure.”

Danny’s mother Lisa

October was first designated as Down Syndrome Awareness Month in the 1980s and has been recognized every October since. It is a wonderful time to celebrate people with Down syndrome and make others aware of their abilities and accomplishments. Please join the Trudeau Center in saluting people with Down syndrome and celebrating their abilities.

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