City of Warwick Gives Trudeau Generous Grant

City of Warwick Gives Trudeau Generous Grant

J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center has received a $10,445 grant from the City of Warwick’s Department of Human Services’ contributive support program. The grant money will go directly to Trudeau’s Early Intervention (EI) program and Home-Based Children’s Services (HBCS), both of which exclusively support Rhode Island children, many of whom reside in Warwick, Rhode Island.

ABA Center Program

This grant funding is focused on technology and community and will help Trudeau educators teach language and academic skills in center and home-based settings. Enhanced technology such as iPads and online training programs will be purchased with the grant funds⁠, along with interactive learning tools for our community programs.

The Trudeau Center is especially grateful for this grant as the agency rebounds from the pandemic with a fierce focus on its mission: to promote an enhanced quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities.

“The City of Warwick and the Trudeau Center have had a long history of working together and I thank Mayor Frank Picozzi and his administration for their confidence and support,” says President and CEO Judith Sullivan.

Jacqueline Ferreira, Director of Early Intervention, adds, “We appreciate the generosity of the City of Warwick. This year’s grant will provide many children with much needed socialization opportunities as well as a community support system for their parents.”

Early Intervention is essential for infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities and Home-Based Children’s Services are the next step in the continuum of care that the Trudeau Center provides children and families. Trudeau’s newly revitalized ABA Center, located in Warwick, Rhode Island, offers on-site individual and group behavioral treatment and academic instruction to children aged two to seven with developmental delays.

Trudeau’s Early Intervention and Home-Based Children’s Services

Thank you to the City of Warwick for this generous grant!


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