Pathways Strategic Teaching Center Celebrates Associates’ Publication in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

The J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center in Warwick, RI is proud to announce that several associates from its Pathways Strategic Teaching Center program have contributed to a significant publication in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. The article, titled “Toward a Further Understanding of Assent,” focuses on involving clients in therapeutic decisions within the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). 

Founded 25 years ago in 1998, Pathways Strategic Teaching Center provides comprehensive education and treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related disorders. In 2009, Pathways established a partnership with Salve Regina University’s Behavior Analysis graduate degree program. By utilizing scientifically validated, evidence-based ABA techniques, the center aims to improve outcomes for these children and their families.  

The published article addresses the increasingly common strategy of arranging assent opportunities, which allows clients to be involved in decisions about their therapy. While previous literature has introduced basic definitions and concepts of assent, the authors provide a refined conceptualization and six essential considerations for embedding assent into ABA practice effectively. 

By exploring these considerations, the article offers valuable guidance for practitioners and researchers interested in incorporating assent into their work, ultimately promoting a client-centered approach to treatment. 

The publication in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis represents the collaborative efforts and expertise of several individuals associated with Pathways, including Dr. Cody Morris (Salve Regina University), Jesse Perrin (Practicum Special Projects Coordinator who began working at Pathways in 2013), Jacob P. Oliviera (Former Pathways employee and PhD student at Salve Regina University), Caitlyn A. Federico (Former Pathways employee and ABA Master’s graduate from Salve Regina University), and Paula J. Martasian (Salve Regina University faculty).

Their contributions to advancing the understanding of assent practices align with Pathways Strategic Teaching Center’s commitment to evidence-based practices and ongoing research in the field of ABA,” said Dr. Al Vario, Chief Executive Officer at the Trudeau Center. By contributing to the knowledge base and advancing the understanding of effective interventions, Pathways Strategic Teaching Center continues to provide cutting-edge services to children with ASD and their families, he said. 

The J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center commends the achievements of its Pathways associates and their dedication to advancing the field of ABA. This publication exemplifies the center’s mission to improve the lives of individuals with ASD through scientifically validated interventions and ongoing research efforts.