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toddler lining up toys on the couch

Recognizing the Early Signs of Autism: How the Trudeau Center Supports Families for a Lifetime

If you notice any of these early signs of autism in your child, it's crucial to seek an evaluation from a qualified professional as soon as possible.

J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center Celebrates 60 Years of Transforming Lives

On April 16, 2024, the Trudeau Center kicked off a year-long celebration of its 60th anniversary with fun activities and a vision toward the future. 
toddler building foam puzzle

Accessing Early Intervention for Children with Developmental Delays in Rhode Island

While all children grow and develop in unique ways, some children experience delays in their development. Trudeau's Early Intervention (EI) team will work with the child and his or her family to identify areas of need and provide services to address them.
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Pathways Strategic Teaching Center Celebrates Associates’ Publication in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Several associates from Pathways Strategic Teaching Center program have contributed to a significant publication in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.
A disabled young woman cooking at the stove.

Understanding Disabilities: What People With Disabilities Wish You Knew

At the heart of the Trudeau Center lies a profound understanding of what people with disabilities wish others knew, and the insights that can bridge the gap between misperception and acceptance.

Trailblazing DSP Amanda Nickerson Earns National Certification Through NADSP E-Badge Academy

Amanda Nickerson, Direct Support Professional (DSP) at the J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center in Warwick, Rhode Island, has earned certification through the National Association of Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) E-Badge Academy.

Empowering Young Adults: Trudeau’s Commitment to Life Skills Development

The Trudeau Center places a particular emphasis on equipping young adults with the essential life skills they need to thrive. Recognizing the pivotal transition from adolescence to adulthood, the center's skilled staff empowers these individuals to navigate life's challenges and embrace their independence. 
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The Importance of Finding a Community of Support When Your Child Has A Disability

If your child has an intellectual, developmental, or other disability, finding community support and connection with other parents facing similar challenges is so beneficial.  
preschool aged boy sitting on floor alone facing away from camera with a toy plane by his side

What Are The Signs of A Developmental Delay?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has become an increasingly popular method of treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as well as many other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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